French films screened outdoors from a 3-Wheeler in Calcutta


A three-wheeler, carrying a screen projector and speakers, was parked in the compound of a heritage building in Park Street, central Kolkata, to screen French films outdoors.

The mobile cinema project, aptly named “Rick-Show”, was organized by the Alliance Française, an organization that aims to promote French culture around the world, as part of “Bonjour India”, a program aimed at fostering interpersonal exchanges on the occasion of the accomplishment of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Indo-French diplomatic relations.

“It is a great opportunity for us to organize Rick-show, the fifth event of Bonjour India at the Park Mansions, which has become the European cultural hub of Kolkata,” said Nicolas Facino, Director of Alliance Française du Bengale. , at PTI. Friday.

Built in 1910 for residential and commercial use, Park Mansions is a grand building with colonial architecture.

Films with very diverse aesthetics but which have in common a very humanistic approach to their subject will be screened.

“Our goal is to bring a blend of heritage identity and French ambiance to the heart of the city. The courtyard of the park’s mansions will be home to art and film lovers for the next three consecutive evenings from April 29,” Facino said.

When the Rick-show takes place, the world of cinema appears.

An extremely creative project, Rick-show will indeed be a chance for the public to experience the marvelous courtyard that exists inside the colonial structure of the Park Mansions,” Facino said.

The Rick-Show program takes place when the Kolkata International Film Festival takes place in the city.

At the heart of the project is the desire to bring contemporary art films to communities that have little access to artworks in India – remote areas and disadvantaged communities, said a spokesperson for the project organized in collaboration with a group of companies.

“It brings cinema to people on an everyday object – an archetypal three-wheeler and rickshaw is a sign of mobility in India,” said a spokesperson for the project carried out in collaboration with a group of companies. .

If the Rick-show concept, the organizers decided to use it to project French or world films on various sites such as parks, lakesides and the banks of Kolkata during the winter.

“The Rick-Show is a mobile cinema transported by an auto-rickshaw. It was imagined by the French artist Le Gentil Garcon. The idea was born in 2020 when the Alliance française de Trivandrum invited him to design a work of art for the public space,” said a spokesperson for the Design Department of Trivandrum College of Architecture.

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