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The Filipino-Belgian audiovisual director takes his creativity to the world stage

Over the weekend, French music artist FKJ took everyone to the tropics with the release of his latest music video for the track titled “Greener.” The video, which also featured guitar master Carlos Santana, is a moving musical experience paired with lush flora as a backdrop. Playing from different parts of the world, FKJ shot their scenes here in the Philippines while Santana was in an idyllic location in Hawaii. Filipino-Belgian audiovisual director Dominic Bekaert and his team at ZooPraxi Studio are helping bring them together.

Prior to collaborating with the international music artist, Dominic is known for running the National Film Archive of the Philippines in 2016, restoring Filipino classics like “Maynila,” “Insiang,” “Batang West Side”, “Genghis Khan”, among others. In 2019 he co-founded Zoopraxi Studio, an audiovisual production company where he worked with local artists to create visuals for their music. Among those who have honored his goals are singers KZ Tandingan, Iñigo Pascual and Nadine Luster for his album “Wildest Dream”.

Dominic Bekaert with Nadine Luster (Photo by Clémentine Comoy)

For his latest work, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle chats with Dominic as he shares the story of how his collaboration with FKJ began, the concept behind the “Greener” music video, and how it ultimately came to life.

How did your collaboration with FKJ begin? Did he mention why he wanted to shoot here in the Philippines?

He contacted us via Instagram for a collaboration on the music video. He wanted us to work together as co-directors and co-editors. It became our most collaborative project to date. He stayed in the Philippines and the local landscapes inspired some of the moods found on the album.

What came to mind when you heard the song ‘Greener’? Can you tell us something about the concept of the music video?

When we first heard the track, we thought about the choices we were making and how sometimes our other choice could have brought us more. So we wanted to play with the idea of ​​a double. We discussed it with FKJ who built the concept around it. He wanted us to play with simple cinematic images. He had a clear vision of what he wanted it to look like, so our job was to bring it to life and try to develop his vision.

What was it like working with FKJ?

He is an incredible source of creativity and is very specific with what he wants. Throughout the process, we discussed every little detail. It was a privilege to get a glimpse of his creative process and we learned a lot through this collaboration.

How is this clip different from your past works?

As a production company, we are moving away from heavily cut, effects-heavy videos to a more streamlined version where the images stand on their own to tell a story and not just affect you. As mentioned before, this was our most collaborative project to date and we were really happy to pursue the same kind of vibe for the video.

Watch the “Greener” music video here:

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